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创业可能会让人望而生畏,甚至势不可挡. 好消息是西雅图信用合作社提供商业解决方案. 对于你可能有无数的问题,我们有答案.

下面我们有各种各样的企业资源,从那些仍在想法阶段的企业到那些可能已经形成并正在寻找额外的资源的企业. 第一个是为创业者准备的. The second is for the seasoned business owner who may need a little more advice.

8 Steps in Making your Business a Reality

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities. 这8个步骤可以帮助你计划、准备和管理你的企业. Written in roughly chronological order, these steps will provide the roadmap to your success. 这些步骤可能会重叠,或者对你来说不是必要的,但会引导你站起来. 你也可以学习如何创业 Washington State Department of Revenue, and with the Internal Revenue Service.

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  • Step 1: Write a Business Plan

    利用工具和资源来创建一个商业计划. This written guide will help you map out how you will start and run your business successfully. Naturally the first step is to get the idea out of your head and on paper. You have the vision, break that vision in to measurable goals then make steps for meeting those goals. Focus on what excites you about the product, about the need for it, 以及市场目前如何未能兑现这一承诺. Then go on to determine some projections on your needed start-up expense, and cash flows. 如果这是一个全新的产品,你可能需要做一些市场调查来调整你的产品. (Many businesses won’t need this last step.)

    Then get into the nuts and bolts of your operational plan and your marketing plan. Answer these important questions:

    1. 你要怎么做,并且比别人做得更好?
    2. 你怎么让人们找到我们,尝试我们?
    3. Will you have the right pricing model?
    4. 你的目标市场是什么,是谁,在哪里?

    甚至还有商业计划竞赛由 University of Washington, Tech Crunch, SVP Fastpitch, and GeekWire.

    Consider your competition, and suppliers. Your competition may have experience, but you have a fresh prospective. 利用你的新视角来获得竞争优势.

    寻找降低成本的方法,改进业务流程,并创建一个平滑、精简的流程. A good article on resources for making business plans can be found here.

    If you are wondering how you can accept payments from your customers you are in luck. Seattle Credit Union has partnered with TSYS a leading direct processor of transactions. If you would like more information please submit your contact information to them by visiting their website.

  • Step 2: Get Business Assistance and Training

    Take advantage of free training and counseling services 从准备商业计划到获得融资的一切. Local trade groups and professional associations may offer classes to get you started. 参观贸易展览可以让你了解商业环境和未来可能面临的挑战.

    • Washington Small Business Development Center is your local resource for expert business advice, management training, and market research. SBDC的顾问免费提供一对一的威尼斯新版本下载帮助. 访问该网站,与顾问联系, explore classes, webinars and podcasts, research, and business planning tools.
    • Small Business Administration 致力于帮助美国人创办、建立和发展企业. SBA还提供了一个广泛的学习图书馆的文章, online training, 以及各种商业主题的视频.
    • SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, 并通过教育和指导实现他们的目标. It holds events and workshops across the U.S. Score provides education by matching entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors. 该网站提供本地和在线研讨会, tools, 关于免费指导机会的模板和信息.
    • (Which is free with a Seattle Library Card),提供许多主题的专家培训视频. 可以学习计费软件,网站维护,视频编辑. 琳达是一个很好的资源,可以解决可能超出你的核心能力,并希望自己完成的任务.
    • Paychex Inc. is a recognized leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry, 对成功的坚定承诺,以及延续卓越传统的成就记录.
  • Step 3: Choose a Business Location 

    A physical space can be costly, do you even need one? Many retailers start with an online presence. Professional services, like consultants, can meet clients at their office or telecommute. There are also business space alternatives. If you do need a physical retail space, 参考你的商业计划来帮助确定一个确切的位置.

    Alternative Work Spaces:

    • Impact Hub Seattle is a coworking space. 这是一个与企业家朋友见面和互动的地方,强调通过做生意做好事
    • WeWork 一家提供共享工作空间的美国公司, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses.
    • Pioneer Collective provides an atmosphere where talented people will feel comfortable working or relaxing, collaborating or working alone, focusing or letting the mind wander.
    • Surf Incubator provides an affordable and professional environment where entrepreneurs are supported, 受到内部和外部社区的鼓励和启发.
    • Equinox Studios 西雅图乔治城的一座二战时期的工厂里,艺术家和工匠们聚集在一起. The building is heavy timber, post and beam architecture brought back to its original glory by exposing the wood floors, 天花板和横梁清理着一幢已经运行了近75年的工厂大楼的碎石.
    • Activspace provides private, secure and affordable workspaces for artists, 在西雅图地区的业余爱好者和小企业.

    Business Incubators are co-working spaces for entrepreneurs to work together, connect, 在他们发展业务的过程中见面并建立关系网.

    Tools to help work remotely

    • File storage accessible anywhere is a key to success for business owners always on the move. Here are links to some of the most popular: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
    • Skype 微软的视频和即时消息软件在不同的物理空间中与客户面对面时有用吗.
  • Step 4: Finance Your Business

    Financing a business can come from many different locations. 信用对你的生意是有用的获得设备, 或者平滑你的商业周期的高峰和低谷. Lines of credit are especially handy, covering unexpected expenses quickly. 用自己的钱是最常见的选择. But, 还有其他来源,比如政府担保贷款, venture capital, and research grants to help you get started. Crowd sourcing is another option, there are websites which coordinate fund raising from anyone; friends and family to total strangers who think you have a great product.

    • Small Business Administration 致力于帮助美国人创办、建立和发展企业. 小企业管理局向小企业提供数以百万计的贷款、贷款担保和其他形式的帮助.
    • 是联邦政府颁发的所有赠款的最佳资源. 你会惊讶于政府需要从私营部门获得解决方案的事情的多样性和深度.
    • Grants 向无法从银行获得商业信贷的家庭规模的农民和牧场主提供直接和有担保的农场所有权和经营贷款, Farm Credit System institution, or other lender. FSA loans can be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed, and supplies. Loans can also be used to construct buildings or make farm improvements.
    • Rural Development Programs 通过贷款、贷款担保和赠款为农村小企业提供融资机会.
    • Rainier Valley Community Development Fund 是在他们的社区修建轻轨时为了维持生意而建立的吗. It continues to offer funding and business knowledge to anyone in that area.
    • Go Fund Me is a crowd funding site
    • Indie Go-Go is a crowd funding launchpad for creative and entrepreneurial ideas of every shape and size.
    • WeFunder helps startups and small businesses get the funding they need to thrive. We help do all the grunt work of fundraising, 所以你可以专注于最重要的事情:发展你的业务. 我们基金让投资者拥有你公司的一小部分股份.
    • Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects. Over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project.
    • Patreon is a crowd funding site for artists. The artist’s fans then donate as little as a dollar every time the artist creates something.

    威尼斯新版本下载现在是你生意的资金来源. We offer Lines of Credit, Secured and Unsecured Loans, Credit Cards, Vehicle loans, and Real Estate Loans. 通常我们要求一个企业活跃2年, however if you’re running, and profitable we can help. Consider your business needs. Review your financials and call us at 206.398.5500.

  • Step 6: Get a Tax Identification Number

    Determining your tax structure 是不是又一次充满了细微差别和技术细节的谈话. SMCU建议你和律师或会计谈谈,找到适合你和你的企业的方法. If you decide your business needs its own Tax ID number you can apply for one on the Social Security website.

  • 第七步:注册、许可和许可你的企业

    Register and License 获得州税务识别号(UBI #), workers' compensation, unemployment and disability insurance. The details vary from state to state. 你可能还需要你所在城市的营业执照.

    Register your business name with your state government.

    Make a list of federal, state 以及你的企业所需的当地执照和许可证.

  • Step 8: Understand Employer Responsibilities

    Learn the legal steps you need to hire employees. Hiring employees should not be taken lightly, and there are a couple key concepts that you should understand before you hire. You should check with your local Labor & 工业部门,学习劳动税,B&O Taxes and industry hiring practices.

    • Small Business Administration 致力于帮助美国人创办、建立和发展企业. 小企业管理局还提供了《威尼斯安卓版下载》影响企业的信息.

The 5 C’s of Credit

在寻求融资的企业主中,这是一个最常见的问题:“金融机构希望从我和我的企业那里得到什么??" While each lending situation is unique, 许多金融机构在做信贷决策时,利用一些不同的方法来评估信用的五个C:性格, capacity, capital, conditions, and collateral. We'll take a look at each of these ingredients and how they may impact your funding request. 回顾每一个类别,看看你是如何堆叠的.


公司管理层的特点是什么? 管理在业界和社会上的声誉如何? 金融机构希望把钱投给那些拥有无可挑剔的资历和推荐信的人. 你对待员工和顾客的方式, the way you take responsibility, 你履行义务的及时性——这些都是性格问题的一部分.

这事关你和你的威尼斯新版本下载领导力. 你如何领导自己,如何处理你的商业和威尼斯新版本下载生活,给贷款人一个线索,你可能如何处理领导作为首席执行官. It's a financial institution's responsibility to look at the downside of making a loan. Your character immediately comes into play if there is a business crisis, for example. As business owners, we place our personal stamp on everything that affects our companies. Often, financial institutions do not even differentiate between us and our businesses. 这是信用评分过程演变的原因之一, 其中很大一部分是我们的威尼斯新版本下载信用记录.


What is your company's borrowing history and track record of repayment? How much debt can your company handle? 你能履行义务并偿还债务吗? There are numerous financial benchmarks, such as debt and liquidity ratios, 金融机构在发放资金前进行评估. 熟悉你所在行业的预期模式. Some industries can take a higher debt load; others may operate with less liquidity.


How well-capitalized is your company? 你在这家公司投资了多少钱? 金融机构通常希望看到你有财务承诺,你把自己置于公司的风险中. 你公司的财务报表和你的威尼斯新版本下载信用都是资金问题的关键. 如果公司的经营净值为负, for example, 你准备好再加一些你自己的钱吗? How far will your personal resources support both you and the business as it is growing? If the company has not yet made profits, 这可以通过一个优秀的客户列表和支付历史记录来弥补. All of these issues intertwine, and you want to ensure that the financial institution perceives the business as solid.


What are the current economic conditions and how does your company fit in? 如果你的生意对经济衰退很敏感, for example, 金融机构想要一个舒适的水平,你在管理生产力和开支. What are the trends for your industry, and how does your company fit within them? 是否有任何经济或政治上的烫手山芋会对你的业务发展产生负面影响?


While cash flow will nearly always be the primary source of repayment of a loan, financial institutions look at what they call the secondary source of repayment. 抵押品是指公司承诺作为贷款的另一偿还来源的资产. 大多数抵押品都是以硬资产的形式存在, 如房地产、办公室或制造设备. Alternatively, your accounts receivable and inventory can be pledged as collateral.

抵押品问题对服务企业来说是一个更大的挑战, as they have fewer hard assets to pledge. Until your business is proven, you're nearly always going to pledge collateral. 如果这笔钱不是来自你的企业,金融机构会查看你的威尼斯新版本下载资产. 这显然是有风险的——你肯定不想因为一笔商业贷款变成坏账而失去你的房子. If you want to be borrowing from financial institutions or other lenders, you need to think long and hard about how you'll handle this collateral question.

记住,在评估五个C的信用评级时, 金融机构并不会对每个领域给予同等的重视. Lenders are cautious, and one weak area could offset all the other strengths you show. For example, 如果你所在的行业对经济波动很敏感, 在经济低迷时期,你的公司可能很难获得贷款——即使其他所有因素都很强大. 如果你不被认为是一个有个性和正直的人, 你获得贷款的可能性很小, 不管你的财务报表有多好. As you can see, 借贷者把你的公司作为一个整体来评估, 哪个往往比部分的总和还要多. 然而,最大的元素永远是你.

Other Business Resources

Chamber of Commerce & Trade Associations

Business Incubators

Business Case Competitions

At Seattle Credit Union, one of our 7 guiding principles is education should be free to all. 我们致力于我们社区的成功,并重视我们的企业主给我们居住的社区带来的当地经济影响, work and serve. 西雅图信用合作社的商业借贷部门致力于以我们所能的任何方式帮助企业主取得成功. If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 206.398.5500.


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